Nepalese people

     The trip to Nepal was different from most trips I have been on.  Their weren't a lot of monuments or ancienct ruins, temples and other religious places, or cities and villages.  It was a trip to observe a culture of hard working people who  live in a beautiful country.  Yes, there is trash in Kathmandu,  no heat in the houses, and  no running water in the houses (not sure where the toilets are).  Yes, there are some "nicer" areas, but the majority of Nepal is rural, subsistence living.  I found it just like my grandparents farm when I was young (before they got indoor plumbing).  The people worked hard every day.  Many of the men are in other countries working, so the women take care of the home and family.  Religion is extremely important to them, whether Hindu or Buddhist.

     I hope you can experience some of the Nepalese culture by looking at the people… © Phyllis Nethercot 2012