WHO were your travel buddies? 

Dear Diary, 

What could be  better than going on a journey with 22 inquisitive, adventureous, fun loving travelers?  Well, nothing is better!  We wandered, laughed, got confused with yes and no, photographed, sang, danced, cooked, shopped, marveled, listened, gazed in awe, and ate and drank our way through Happy Bulgaria!  We were from various backgrounds and lived in different parts of the US, but the pull of history, culture, and curiosity brought us together. Thank goodness we were all curious enough about Bulgaria to venture forth in a little travel family and share 12 days of our lives on an incredible adventure.  P

I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them. -Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer Abroad

It was fun sharing this journey with each of you.

(Thanks Ira for the group photo)

        So, a tour group isn't complete without tour guides - ours were outstanding! 

Stefan, Stefan

     Oh what would we do?

How would we see the REAL Bulgaria

     If it wasn’t for you.

Churches, icons, Bulgarian  folklore,

     Roma, artisans, and much, much more!

Dancing, cooking, rakia, wine

     More and more stairs to climb

Oh, Stefan Bozadzhiev                                                                          

     Thank you……Thank you!

Not to be forgotten, was Rosie, sent all the way from Edmonds to help us!

Roses of Bulgaria

     Are wonderful to see,

But Rosie the Riviter

     Was special to me.

She was my travel buddy

     Keeping me in line,

Always checking to be sure

    That I would be on time.

A smile on her face,

     As she trailed in back,

To make sure we didn’t

       Detour from the track.

Thank you, Thank you, 

        Rosie dear,

A salute to you….


© Phyllis Nethercot 2016