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Bulgaria, Oh Bulgaria

In September, 2016, I joined a Rick Steves' Europe, Best of Bulgaria tour.  My first Rick Steves tour was back in 1998 (Best of Europe) and was the best trip I have ever taken in my life. The sense of adventure and discovery (sharing bathrooms, no elevators, cashing travelers checks, getting lost, and making friends that I still travel with) has kept me “travelin’ on” around the world to other European countries as well as Asia, Africa, and S. America.  I finally decided it was time to return to Europe and I chose Bulgaria for my 6th Rick Steves tour.  Although I didn’t have to share a bathroom down the hall and most of the hotels had elevators, the same sense of adventure and discovery prevailed in Bulgaria (only got “lost” once). Thanks to our tour guide, Stefan, who shared his vast knowledge of the history and culture of his much loved and colorful Bulgaria.  Also, a big thanks to Rosie, our Rick Steves travel guru from Edmonds and my travel buddy (I was never late!). 


Stefan (who has a very fun loving character as you can see),

 and Rosie  (who was very good natured)

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Along the Black Sea in Varna

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