AIRLINE VIKINGS - class of ‘67


Hello Vikings - class of 1967

                We’re the best from hell to heaven,

                 We’re the class of ’67!!!

Remembering friends from our high school years  & the 20th, 30th  & 40th reunions ... with many more to come,  

Phyllis Nethercot


I hope you are able to listen to the music and view the video at the end - unfortunately not everyones computer will be able to retrieve it.  I’m still working on it though!




The Vikings, the Vikings sailing down the field to victory...

The Vikings of Airline, they’ve made themselves a place in history...

With valor unconquered-fight on to meet the test

To play with sportsmanship and spirit, we always lead the rest

The Vikings, the Vikings, are always number one in every way...

The Vikings of Airline will bring another victory home today!

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